The takeover of the securities held by the minorities of the NORDEX Company is now official and definitive. The ECP Groupe now holds 100% of the capital of the company and has launched the operations of delisting of the shares. The financing of this operation was ensured by the compulsory emissions trading scheme implemented by the group in July 2016.

The EPC Groupe started its implementation in North America in the United States, through the joint-venture KEMEK US. This operation enabled the development of a distribution network in the North East of the United States in a few years. Our American subsidiary experiences a rapid growth with clients essentially in the quarry sector.

The operation of the acquisition of NORDEX in Canada is an important step as it provides the group with an efficient production unit in North America. NORDEX also enables the access of high quality mining clients, thus completing EPC’s range of clients in this part of the world.

These operations as well as those completed recently in New Caledonia and Vietnam are part of the strategy of EPC Groupe of its further development beyond the traditional zones of Europe and the Middle East.