Paris, September 14, 2017.

Hotel de la Marine in Paris.

As part of the reconfiguration of the Hotel de la Marine in Paris, ATD a subsidiary of EPC Demolition, has secured an important contract with the National Monuments Centre. This unique project is worth over Euros 5 million and will cover more 17 000 m2:

  • It is situated in a prestigious location in the heart of Paris
  • The access is difficult with cramped buildings
  • Two aspects of the work are to be carried out concurrently:
    => the external restoration work (facelift – large stone, frame, cover)
    => the cleaning work/asbestos & lead removal

It is the extensive expertise of the Group in lead removal, dismantling and deconstruction of historical buildings (Hotel des Invalides, Banque de France, Monnaie de Paris Imprimerie Sud-Ouest in Bordeaux, etc..) and ATD’s knowledge and expertise with the procedures when dealing with asbestos which helped convince the Head of Project to retain ATD for this unique project.

UIOM of Strasbourg

ATD also signed a contract with the Eurometropolis in Strasbourg for the remediation/dusting of 30 000 m3 of buildings on the site of the factory of Incineration of household rubbish in the port zone of the Rhine. This project with an estimated cost of EUR 5 million includes:

  • 3 000 m² of fibro-cement cladding with asbestos to remove
  • The full dedusting of the furnace-boiler room
  • 300 tons of asbestos to be unsensitised
  • 30,000 hours of operators’ time

This contract is interesting from a technical point of view, with the presence of asbestos in the process equipment. This equipment must be cleaned and protected to allow the boilers to be fully operational once again.