Three years ago, EPC Groupe decided to implement a business continuity plan.

The objective is to reassure our customers, our shareholders and our employees that our critical activities will be maintained when faced with destabilising events, by way a business continuity management method that enables us to manage the return to normal operation for each critical activity identified, under the best conditions.

In November 2017 EPC Groupe obtained ISO 22301 certification for the following 5 activities:

  • Group supply chain
  • Group Track & Trace (Euro i Trace)
  • Maintaining group financial standing
  • Maintain the key functions
  • Support for expatriates/travellers and maintaining travel safety for group personnel

Obtaining this certification is strong evidence of our continuity for our customers and stakeholders who place their trust in EPC Groupe.

Charles-Ernest Armand, Chief Financial Officer, states: “EPC Groupe is the first company producing, marketing and using commercial explosives to obtain ISO 22301 certification. This certification is an important step. It is the result of the teams’ commitment and represents the group’s maturity on subjects that are major issues.”.

Thierry Rousse, Safety Health Environment Director, goes on: This ISO certification must not be seen as just another ISO standard: inside the group, the real driving force behind the implementation has been shown to be the Operational Directors, who immediately understood the business attractiveness of making their operations secure. Furthermore, the exercise and simulation part is a factor that gives it a practical side, highly appreciated by the teams because it is adapted to the constraints in the field.”

The certificate is valid for 3 years, a follow-up audit will be carried out every year so as to ensure that we continue to comply with the standard’s requirements.

The EPC Groupe’s main subsidiaries are already certified to ISO 9001 – Quality, ISO 14001 – Environment, and OHSAS 18001 – Safety.


About the ISO 22301: 2012 standard
ISO 22301 is an international standard organising Business Continuity Management and designed with a view to anticipating and protecting a business’s activities from potential disruptions via the implementation of measures required to guarantee their resilience. It enables potential threats, both internal and external, which could affect vital operational functions, to be identified.

In real terms, with this standard, a predictable and relevant response is given to crises, the business’s vital activities and essential functions are maintained, costs are reduced thanks to a perfect understanding of the processes, the organisation’s reputation is protected and a guarantee of continuity is provided to customers and stakeholders.

About EPC Groupe
Founded 125 years ago, EPC Groupe is one of the world leaders in the manufacture, storage, distribution and use of commercial explosives for the mining, construction and demolition industries. EPC Groupe employs more than 2,000 people in 40 subsidiaries spread across the 5 continents.