Paris, March 12, 2019

Demolition around a thermal power plant.

The dismantlement of the peripheral installations of a major thermal power plant situated in the Paris region is being undertaken by ATD and OCCAMAT, 2 subsidiaries of the EPC Groupe.

This operation, awarded by one of the major players in the energy sector, consists of removing the asbestos and dismantling of the coal supply facilities designed for the treatment of soot and smoke (excluding chimneys) of this thermal plant, disused for several years.

The work which started recently is estimated to cost around 8 million Euros, last 2 years and require 5 full time engineers and more than 50 operators.

The dismantling will generate 12,000 tonnes of scrap which will be recycled close to the site. A specific methodology has to be applied to ensure the monitoring and traceability of the waste in order to achieve the optimum recycling conditions.