The Value of EPC Groupe

A Groupe dedicated to a policy of continuous development

Conscious that the lasting success of the EPC Group depends on the talent and potential of its people, EPC Groupe has made skills development one of its top priorities.

The skill management policy and the attention paid to valuing our people, creates a climate of trust within our Group and guarantees enduring motivation. The success of projects depends on everyone’s commitment and it is important that each person feels valued. By recruiting and integrating new skills into our teams, we aim to take up tomorrow’s challenges and generate dynamism throughout our workforce.

Numerous training and career development possibilities

EPC Groupe endeavors to constantly improve the working conditions and knowledge of its employees, both through initial and ongoing training plus refresher courses.

Given the specific features of our activities, which require particular know-how on the part of our employees, appropriate training is essential, including, in particular, individualised enhancement programs to develop employees’ skills throughout their working life in the Group.

The development opportunities, within the Group allows us to offer our employees a genuine career and training path.

EPC Groupe’s Career Opportunities

Since its creation in 1893, EPC Groupe has supported and put its trust in its people.

These people have subsequently made it possible to take up challenges and ensure the EPC Groupe’s ongoing success. Through career development opportunities, all employees are able to draw up an effective career and training path for themselves.
Here is a sample of the jobs offered by EPC Groupe:


  • Blasting Engineer (link to interview – initiates explosives placed in holes previously drilled for this purpose and takes part in the transporting, positioning and initiation of explosives)
  • Line Operator (link to interview – operates industrial explosives production units)
  • Chemical Engineer (conducts R&D projects, molecule research and the development of processes through to technical sales support, coordinating multidisciplinary teams), etc.


  • Driller (drills the holes which will be used to position the explosives)
  • Rope Technician (carries out reinforcement work on embankments or rock walls), etc.


  • Machine Operator (operates demolition, extraction and loading machinery)
  • Site Supervisor (determines the equipment and personnel required for conducting the work, makes sure that HSE regulations are obeyed, carries out follow-up and administrative, financial and technical management)
  • Works Manager (link to interview – manages the work site, mediates between the customer and the various suppliers), etc.

At EPC Groupe, we believe in young motivated talents

If you share our values and would like to join a leading international group in explosives manufacture, storage and distribution, drilling and blasting and demolition, we offer you the right start for your career with fascinating challenges and perspectives.

We especially welcome applications from trainees from mining schools and university level in the field of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, technology or finance.

You can contact us directly from the enquiry form.

To send your enquiry to EPC Groupe, please fill in the form provided.
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