On-line blast monitoring service

EPC-Metrics provides a comprehensive service in the remote monitoring of vibration and air over-pressure. Our remote stations provide automated logging with instant transmission of data. Using our customisable web based data management platform, results can be viewed immediately with options for automated reporting and alert functions.

This service is backed by our team of blasting experts who can offer detailed analysis of captured data including generation of site laws and predictive models, as well as development of innovative blast designs to minimise environmental disturbance.

Services provided include:

  • Remote monitoring of blast vibration and air overpressure
  • Data management including online reporting of results and automated alerts
  • Prediction and control of blast vibration and air overpressure
  • Blast design for minimisation of environmental disturbance

What benefits/advantages will EPC-Metrics offer me?

  • Instant availability of results
  • Advanced data management system for easy cataloguing and review
  • Setup of custom alerts and automated reporting, including email & text message notification
  • Multi-user access with customisable rights
  • Backed by the knowledge of our leading blasting consultants

How does the service offering work?

For both short and long term projects, remote monitors can be installed at sensitive locations around a blasting area. Customisable triggers can be set on each monitoring station, which once activated, automatically send event data to the cloud-based service with results immediately published to the web portal. The platform can be configured to send alerts upon receipt of an event to predefined users and user groups through email and text message notification.

The web portal displays results through an interactive map view of the site with events listed for each monitoring station. Blast details can be input and received events assigned to a specific blast or additional offline results manually uploaded.