EPC Premium

Interactive 3D mapping using UAV imagery treatment and management

EPC Premium provides a collaborative approach to 3D mapping in the extractives industry, allowing for the optimisaton of the value chain. Raw data collected through the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flight, is collected and processed immediately within the EPC Premium application, permitting instant access to a fully interactive 3D mapping of the site. The platform allows for the evaluation of under utilised site monitoring data.

Following a successful ongoing research and development strategy within the EPC Groupe. This innovative new technology provides an unprecedented level of accuracy in muck pile analysis, enabling a real continuous improvement process for blasting outputs.

Combined with the most advanced collaborative platform for UAV imagery treatment and management, the service is backed by the EPC Groupe’s team of explosives and drilling and blasting (D&B) experts.

The application, available on the Premium platform, has been designed by our in-house team of specialists and answers the needs and requirements of the most demanding mining and quarrying groups.

Services provided allow:

  • Measurement and qualification of blasting results – helping to deliver a continuous improvement process
  • Teamwork and data sharing
  • A decision-aided process based on real time visual information and a high-standard of analysis
  • Prioritised actions strategically based on innovative analytics and tailored solutions prepared by our experts

What benefits/advantages will EPC Premium offer me?

  • A fully interactive 3D mapping of the chosen site, including a selection of critical KPIs
  • Reduced exploitation costs through global management of the value chain (D&B, loading & hauling, crushing & milling)
  • An increase on monies invested in D&B and equipment
  • Improved productivity (volume/day, fragmentation) and a reduced carbon footprint

How does the service offering work?

Access to the EPC Premium application and its benefits are restricted to EPC Groupe customers, ensuring the collection, utilising and sharing of data is carried out with a sensitive approach, safeguarding confidentiality and legal obligations.

Thanks to the company’s expertise and strategic partnerships, the EPC Groupe is able to provide its key account customers with tailored solutions that combine safety and environmental compliance with improved productivity.