Our motto, CONCENTRATED ENERGY®, is the very essence of modern industrial explosives, which requires precision, care and the highest standards of quality and safety in all we do, whether this is carrying out controlled explosions for our quarrying and mining or demolition activities. Above all, CONCENTRATED ENERGY® describes EPC’s spirit which, for 125 years has allowed the EPC Groupe to maintain its high level of safety, expertise, control and independence.



EPC Groupe’s evolution started with the production and use of explosives. We are keen for this to remain the leading focus of our future activity. From laboratories to blasting faces and from production …



Since 2002, EPC Groupe has incorporated a number of companies whose common denominator is proven expertise in the various fields of demolition. All these companies …

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Drilling and Blasting

Drilling & Blasting

Developed to complement our range of services, drilling and blasting now represents around 23% of EPC Groupe’s total activity and involves some 20 companies across Europe, Africa and …



At EPC Groupe we provide global logistic services to a wide range of civil, government and military customers who require a secure end-to-end supply chain solution. With offices in France, UK …


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EPC Groupe – Integrated Global Services

The EPC Groupe is one of the world’s leaders in explosives manufacture, storage and distribution and in particular drilling and blasting. For 125 years, the EPC Groupe has enjoyed a reputation for effective solutions, technological innovation and high-quality customer service.

Today, we manufacture and supply a range of commercial explosives and tailor-made services. Our customer base includes many leading names in mining, cement, aggregates, civil engineering and defence.

Our ethos is simple. We work in some of the most demanding fields in the world, and we understand that our customers require solutions that are not only effective but safe, secure and ethical. With EPC Groupe, you can be assured of the highest standards of professionalism and care.



Financial report 1st half 2023

Read the latest financial information from EPC Groupe. Access 1st half 2023 report.

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