Our Values

Our core values as a group are summed up in the word SPIRIT.

Safety is our number one priority.

Passion is what we demand of ourselves and from everyone in the business, passion to succeed, to perform better tomorrow than we did today, passion to exceed our customer’s and stakeholder’s expectations.

Integrity we pride ourselves on doing business the right way first time. Acting ethically and adhering to moral standards. We have robust auditing, exceeding the compliancy standards expected of us as a manufacturer, distributer and service provider working with Hazardous materials.

Respect EPC Groupe operates within a culture that is respectful to everyone and everything especially where we have a direct impact on the environment we live in.

Innovation Innovative thinking is what has driven EPC Groupe to succeed over the last century and into this one. We have a dedicated innovation division, but everyone is expected to contribute to a culture where innovation is part of the everyday service where solutions are sought by our customers and colleagues within the markets we serve.

Team work Finally EPC Groupe has defined it’s reputation through the integrated services it provides establishing long term partnerships which sustain relationships through the good and bad times. This team work attitude has inspired the Esprit d’Equipe initiative which encourages a culture of “looking out for each other” at every level of the organisation.