Civil explosives traceability solution

EURO-iTRACE has been developed and implemented by EPC Groupe to comply with the 2008/43/EC and the 2012/4/EU Track & Trace Directives in order to provide EPC Customers with a full visibility of explosives delivered.

EURO-iTRACE is a web portal, accessible by using a personal and secure login, enabling detailed visibility and management of explosive goods delivered by EPC Groupe to any of the Customers sites.

Services provided include:

  • Monitoring of explosive Shipping and Delivery events per order and per customer site
  • Management of explosives in-site consumption
  • Downloading of XML and PDF Shipping and Delivery Notices (ASN)
  • Multiple and advanced search options including explosive unique serial number

What benefits/advantages will EURO-iTRACE offer me?

  • Real time visibility of explosive products and unique serial numbers delivered by EPC Groupe
  • Secure and 24/24 availability of XML FEEM compliant and PDF Shipping and Delivery Notices
  • Secure storage of traceability data for a period of 10 years
  • Easy and friendly review and search of products, serial numbers, orders
  • Multi-user access with customisable user profiles

How does the service offering work?

The EURO-iTRACE web portal is fed by the Track & Trace logistics events done in field operations by EPC Groupe operators. Automatically, when a Customer’s order is prepared with the handheld terminal and shipped by EPC Groupe, a Shipping Notice (XML and PDF) is generated and uploaded into EURO-iTRACE. Also, when the products are delivered into the Customer’s site, and the Proof of Delivery is validated by the Customer in the Track & Trace system, the Delivery Notice (XML and PDF) is uploaded into EURO-iTRACE and became available for the Customer by a simple connection to the web portal.

EPC Groupe attributes the login and password to Customers enabling access to the EURO-iTRACE. A secure connection is then opened to each Customer and Site Manager.

At any time, Customer can access to EURO-iTRACE, by using its login and password and get the capacity to have a global and detailed review on explosives goods and traceability data delivered by EPC Groupe.

To get your own login and password, please contact your Sales representative.