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Experts in mechanical demolition & building implosion

Since 2002, EPC Groupe has incorporated a number of companies whose common denominator is proven expertise in the various fields of demolition. All these companies are brought together in the “EPC Démolition” cluster.

A federation of dynamic, efficient companies, EPC Démolition optimises these companies’ resources and brings together their complementary areas of expertise.

The aim of this cluster is to offer its partners and customers the best possible service on the market, in the strictest compliance with economic and technical requirements, safety regulations and human and environmental ethics.

Due to the scale and expertise of its human resources and the mobility of its equipment, EPC Démolition can operate on any type of sites throughout France, in all sectors of demolition activity.

From mechanical demolition or building implosion, to the landfill of building waste, the EPC Groupe allows project managers and building owners to benefit from its creativity, its capacity for deploying resources and its thoroughness.

It is both the intrinsic quality of its component parts and the power and coherence with which they are united that makes EPC Démolition one of the leading French players in the demolition field.

Asbestos Removal

The EPC Groupe asbestos removal centre numbers over one hundred employees. All the teams have the QUALIBAT 1552 qualification and recognised expertise in the realisation of complex projects as well as control of associated risks. EPC Démolition’s expertise in asbestos removal means we regularly work side by side with concurrent activities on operational industrial sites.

Waste Management

After achieving specialist status in the treatment of site and ground pollution the EPC Groupe is able to deliver a global solution to its’ clients.


Peugeot Facility Demolition Project