EPC-Innovation – Developing the Future

The EPC Groupe recognises that continuous development of technology is a strategic element in realising improved operational safety, efficiency and performance. It allows us to offer enhanced products, services and support for our customers, and for that reason, a dedicated organisation within EPC, named EPC-Innovation, was created in January 2011.

EPC-Innovation provides the focus to research, capture, improve and develop EPC’s core competencies in the, manufacture and delivery of civil explosives, using the skills, knowledge and experience of its people, combined with the latest technologies.

Working in collaboration with Operating Divisions and Business Development, it is pro-active in understanding and defining the EPC Groupe’s requirements, co-ordinating engineering design and R&D in the EPC Groupe’s core activities, to answer the fundamental question: how can we better meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, now and in the future?

EPC-Innovation – Progress

The creation of this technology hub, demonstrates that innovation is at the heart of the EPC Groupe. It has provided improved products, better safety and operational control systems with enhanced efficiency and quality control.

Key areas of EPC-Innovation’s focus and progress are:

  • Securing EPC Patented Technology
  • Research and Development in the understanding and control of surface bulk emulsion manufacture, with new, improved formulations and sensitisation control
  • Creation of Euroblendex ST, an underground bulk emulsion, optimized for development and stopping applications
  • Designing EPC Groupe’s booster product range (EPC Boost)
  • The rationalisation of control system hardware and software used within the EPC Groupe, providing standardised process safety control systems and instrumentation
  • The in-house design and programming of all new process control systems, with enhanced in-process recording and control of process parameters, offering verifiable and improved quality control
  • Rationalisation of process equipment design, using improved, high reliability technology for critical safety items such as pumps and augers in plant and on MEMUs
  • Using the latest 3D design software by in-house engineers for projects such as the Euro Modular Plant (bulk emulsion production plant) and the SPUR (Smart Process for Underground Re-pumping) giving unrivaled visibility of product design and safety assessment
  • Effective procurement, delivery and timely implementation of this technology, including commissioning, even in several remote locations
  • New, unique concepts, soon to be unveiled and currently under testing, addressing current and anticipated requirements of our customers