EPC Groupe has developed the EURO-iTRACE system to meet the 2008/43/EC and the 2012/4/EU Track & Trace Directives requirements. The key features are:

  • Tracing of Unique identification on each explosive article and logistical unit
  • Visibility on each Shipment and Delivery of explosive order
  • Secure Data storage for a period of 10 year
  • Detailed consultation of deliveries in XML and PDF formats
  • Quick search and review of explosive articles including unique serial number
  • Management of explosive consumption




EPC-Metrics provides a comprehensive service in the remote monitoring of vibration and air over-pressure. Our remote stations provide automated logging with instant transmission of data. Using our customisable web based data management platform, results can be viewed immediately with options for automated reporting and alert functions

This service is backed by our team of blasting experts who can offer detailed analysis of captured data including generation of site laws and predictive models, as well as development of innovative blast designs to minimise environmental disturbance.


EPC Premium

EPC-Premium provides a collaborative approach to 3D mapping in the extractives industry, allowing for the optimisaton of the value chain. Raw data collected through the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flight, is collected and processed immediately within the EPC Premium application, permitting instant access to a fully interactive 3D mapping of the site. The platform allows for the evaluation of under utilised site monitoring data.

Following a successful ongoing research and development strategy within the EPC Groupe. This innovative new technology provides an unprecedented level of accuracy in muck pile analysis, enabling a real continuous improvement process for blasting outputs.