Leading the way in explosives technology

EPC Groupe’s evolution started with the production and use of explosives. We are keen for this to remain the leading focus of our future activity.

From laboratories to blasting faces and from production lines to training rooms, all EPC Groupe teams develop and implement the most innovative and effective solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

EPC Groupe is today:

  • the leading global blasting service provider for the biggest bauxite mine in the world (CBG, Guinea)
  • the only foreign operator in the civil explosives field in Saudi Arabia
  • one of the first operators to market bulk explosives in UK
  • the leading distributor of explosives in West Africa

Additional Services

EPC Groupe was a forerunner in the development and use of operational systems such as mobile bulk explosives manufacturing units (for surface and tunneling work). This equipment presents a significant advantage in terms of productivity on our customers’ sites, and also guarantees a higher level of safety and reliability.

The Group’s involvement does not stop at making the product available in this optimised way: we also offer a range of “customised” services in accordance with our customers’ needs, organisation or objectives.

Blast design, loading of explosives in the hole,, face profiling, vibration measurement or the complete blasting service are all services available from our teams of technicians, engineers and experienced operators, equipped with leading-edge tools and technologies.

In addition to the quality of the explosive product, it is the mastery of the chemistry and adjustment of various components of the blast which ensures its effectiveness and the profitability of operations.