From the beginning of these events, EPC Groupe has first and foremost focused on the safety of our employees and that of the teams of our suppliers, customers and partners with whom we interact every day.

Our group has a considerable asset: prioritizing safety has always been our culture. This risk is entirely new, however, our knowledge and skills in risk management allow us to invent and implement the correct solutions every day.

Launched in 2015, our ESPRIT D’EQUIPE programme aims to improve the safety of our teams by encouraging them to change their behaviour both at work and at home. 60 Safety Ambassadors are responsible for following up on safety messages, reporting and sharing good practice and innovative measures invented and adopted by each subsidiary. This system of “looking out for one another” is an integral part of our corporate culture. It is very valuable in the times we are going through an it is at the heart of our strategy to manage this crisis.


The other priority of EPC Groupe has been to guarantee the continuity of our activities in order to be in sync with the demand of our customers around the world.

The global presence of EPC Groupe is based on the proximity of our subsidiaries to our customers. This structure of operation allows us to provide a response adapted to local changes in the level of risk and regulations.

To deal with the pandemic, EPC Groupe has modified its ways of working and has developed new ones. Homeworking has been implemented extensively, even before governments’ recommendations, and yet we have also strived to preserve the social links within the teams and monitor the psychological impact of the crisis on our employees.

Management has been organised into multidisciplinary and multinational working groups to circulate information, feed the decision-making process, and follow the situation hour by hour.

But we are, above all, an industry, essential to the smooth running of the economy.

EPC Groupe expresses its gratitude to all our employees around the world who contribute to the continuity of our activities, wherever this is possible in complete safety. We are putting in place whatever is necessary to guarantee their health and safety.


Thanks to the quality and commitment of our teams, as well as the agility and adaptability of the entire organisation, EPC Groupe is demonstrating its resilience and endurance every day.

At the same time as guaranteeing the continuity of our activity and services, we are now implementing the feedback from the experience (REX) in order to integrate these new risks in our Business Continuity Plan (BCP). We are also working on the different post-crisis scenarios, in order to anticipate the « next new-norm » and to be ready for the future.

EPC Groupe has therefore implemented, and field tested, robust and safe procedures. These methods and good practices will allow us to support you during the restart of your operations managing the changing environment in a phased manner, if at the beginning this is required. This enhanced level of experience in management of change will ensure the safety and well-being of all our teams.

You can rely on us and our Esprit d’Equipe

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.