Corporate Social Responsibility

At EPC Groupe, we pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) could let expecting. Being part of the EPC Groupe’s DNA for more than a century, our decisions and activities are planned and conducted to comply with our own broader definition; a definition that corresponds to our vision of what being an international group means in terms of responsibility in front of our own people, the community as a whole and the stakeholders.

RESPECT shows us the route, every day

Respect is a cardinal and historical value at EPC Groupe. Respect for the people, respect for the environment and respect for the institution.
Practically, and in the daily business, this cardinal principle means:

  • Stringent Health and Safety policy
  • Transparent and ethical behavior
  • Education & welfare of society through a proactive community involvement and development
  • Environment care through wildlife conservation, landscape protection and improvement

RESPECT in action, everywhere, for more than a 120 years

At EPC Groupe, corporate responsibility actions following the respect value, date back from the very beginning, more than a 120 years ago; and from its origins. EPC has been an international company. While the first plant was built in Saint-Martin de Crau in 1893, operation was beginning in Greece. Just two years after, the EPC Groupe was operating in Russia, and soon after in Italy and UK!

Actions around corporate responsibility followed this amazing international development, introducing EPC values on every new site and to the benefits of its employees and surrounding communities. At our Bramble Island site, in UK, we have been celebrating end of 2015, 110 years of actions in favor of environmental care and improvement, helping to protect the wildlife species.
Keeping the RESPECT value we inherited from our past is a main commitment and responsibility today and for the future.

CSR Case Studies