The EPC Groupe

Pioneering in Explosives, Drilling and Blasting since 1893

The Société Anonyme d’Explosifs et de Produits Chimiques, now EPC Groupe, was founded in 1893.

Building on a hundred years of experience, the EPC Group has developed various innovative processes in the area of creation and use of explosives: dynamite, ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO), water gel explosives, emulsion explosives, etc. As early as the 1950’s, we pride ourselves to have been the first internationally to file a patent on ANFO. EPC Groupe has also been a forerunner in developing and using mobile bulk explosives manufacturing units for underground and tunneling work.

Today, EPC Groupe employs more than 2000 people in around 40 companies working on behalf of mining, quarrying and civil engineering operators in more than 40 countries, mainly in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

A specialist in the field of urban or industrial demolition and drilling & blasting

In line with its long-term strategy, EPC Groupe has developed two business areas related to explosives: drilling & blasting (since 1993) and demolition (since 2002).

Whether for urban or industrial demolition, drilling & blasting, mining, road building and civil engineering or drilling tunnels, EPC Groupe is there to assist customers requiring a safe, efficient and competitive solution.

A Group to serve your needs in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Beyond

Since its creation, EPC Groupe has endeavored to meet its customers’ needs as comprehensively as possible.

These efforts have led to the development of innovative technologies, the integration of new expertise and to geographical expansion to provide to every single market, the most appropriate mix of products and services.

Our strategy is currently driving new opportunities for the EPC Groupe beyond our traditional growth area (EMEA).