Drilling and Blasting

Integrated on-site drilling and blasting services

For about 25 years, EPC Groupe’s have proven their ability to take up the challenges of a profession in which performance is key to success.

Whether supplied as an independent service or integrated in a global blasting service, drilling and blasting is a fundamental link in the production chain of the construction site, mine or quarry, either on surface or underground. Its adaptation to the specific conditions of the site and to the operation’s objectives requires both a capability for mobilising resource and strong technical expertise. In addition to the provision of our high quality range of explosives, we have the expertise and knowledge needed to modify blasting parameters to ensure ongoing improvements in blast operations.

Our teams of engineers, technicians and experienced operators, located in some 20 specialised subsidiaries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technologies and have been successfully providing a wide range of services for a quarter of a century, including face profiling, environmental assessment, blast design, borehole loading or full ‘rock on the ground’ services.

Safe & Controlled Blasting

drilling and blasting

On-site safety is a major focus in the development of our drilling & blasting activities, EPC Groupe has been developing throughout the years various technologies that allows to deliver advanced productive solutions to our large customer portfolio across more than 25 countries.

One of these technologies is our 3D EXPERTIR software, a blasting application designed by miners for miners. The EPC Groupe has compiled in this software all of the expertise of its engineers and technicians. The software allows the integration of 3D profiles, whatever the system or technology used to survey it (lasers, digital photogrammetry, drones). From this geometrical data, the holes can be modelled, including tilt, depth, and azimuth so that drilling can be completed accurately.

drilling and blasting

The drilling logs and report can be embedded into the 3D EXPERTIR Software, gather all the information related to a blast in a single database, to serve as a basis for the design of the loading and firing sequence.

EPC Groupe drilling and blasting service includes a thorough checking of the exact coordinates of the drilled holes (GPS positioning, inclinometer sensor). Thanks to 3D EXPERTIR, the geometric information and field data are gathered and re-conciliated allowing our engineers to establish safe fire plans, guaranteeing optimum mass distribution, while respecting the environment by limiting the vibrations.

A hole-by-hole loading plan for safe and optimum mining is issued through 3D EXPERTIR. All blasting plans are incorporated into a global topographic model for continuous tracking of the mining activity.

Concentrated Energy

Beyond our expertise in controlling blast geometry, we have developed technologies enabling the calculation and the bespoke hole-by-hole loading energy. Achieving a homogeneous level of energy throughout the entire blast, taking into account the actual hole burden at any points of the face creating real optimisation in terms of fragmentation and noise control.

Special Blasting Projects

Through its ‘special blasting projects’ unit, EPC Groupe provides specialised resources, techniques and know-how to complex projects and high-tech operations.

This expertise spans both civil engineering and tunnelling.

Beyond drilling and blasting expertise and innovative optimisation, formulas and pumping technologies, special blasting projects has required the development of unique capabilities and expertise throughout the EPC Groupe, including rope access work, foundation and reinforcement.

This interdisciplinary capability is now acknowledged at international level, qualifying EPC Groupe teams for the largest stabilisation works throughout the World, whether or not explosives are involved.