Paris, May 9, 2019

EPC has now finalised the subscription to the capital of EPC Japan, a new joint venture in which the group has a majority stake.

The EPC Groupe is establishing a presence in this country by partnering with YSK, a major player in the explosives market in Japan. YSK, a company belonging to the YURA family, has been manufacturing and marketing explosives in Japan for more than 100 years. It is based near OSAKA.

EPC brings to EPC Japan its experience in on-site manufacturing, particularly in the field of tunnels. YSK will allow EPC Japan to benefit from its market positioning, particularly among large public works companies.

The Japanese market offers significant potential both in rail and road tunnels and more generally in infrastructure construction.

For several years now, EPC has been investigating various opportunities to set up in Asia. After the technology partnership established in Vietnam in 2016, the creation of EPC Japan is the next step in the implementation of this strategy.